Humanitarian Aid

Yemen/Syria Campaign in partnership with Gift of the Givers. Funds were collected by the CSN ladies which provided more than 2000 canned food items to the campaign.

Durban to Gaza Campaign in partnership with Channel Islam International, in collaboration with Durban Muslimah Group. Assisted in fundraising through a “cake, food and beverage” sale to provide aid to the Palestinians affected by the flash floods.

XENOPHOBIC ATTACKS – In April/May 2015, CSN provided over 2000 mattresses and blankets, toiletry packs, food hampers and meals to those affected.

Iftaar and Suhoor provided to musalees from masajid in Kwa Mashu, Kwa Makutha, Newlands West, Mayville, and Fairbreeze.
The feeding schemes are also carried out every Saturday in Ramadaan in Kwa Mashu, Kwa Makutha, Newlands West and Marianhill.

One thousand six hundred utility bags with necessities and blanket were gifted to underprivileged madressa children in townships in and around Durban.

Latest Activities

An update on our involvement in a range of educational and empowerment initiatives

Pay Heed to the Hungry

Food Hamper Drive during Lockdown Providing the Essentials to those going hungry during this lockdown has been our top priority. We have initiated the Food Hamper drive to