We hit the jackpot!

CSN Borehole Campaign All praise to the Almighty, We have finally hit water! Drilling a borehole at our 1st IMA-BAYTUL FRAIL CARE site in Sherwood Durban and a 2nd borehole at our 2nd site of IMA-Baytul Nur’s 2nd Frail Care Facility. The Boreholes are donated by the Caring Sisters Network […]

Borehole for Capetown

Providing water in this way is an excellent way of offering Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity) as the donor can expect to reap rewards from Allah for as long as the water is being used.Β  Join CSN,Β  in raising funds to provide clean, running water to communities in and around Cape […]

Sawaab E Jaariya – Eid Gift

CSN’s Eid Gift with a Difference   This Ramadaan spare yourself from wasting hours shopping for Eid Gifts for your near and dear ones. Gift them with Sawaab e Jaariya for their aakhirah.   Donate towards the Caring Sisters Network’s borehole projects.   Minimum donation per gift card is R100. […]