Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

🌷 The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’ (Tirmidhi) 🌷


Sponsor a grocery hamper for a family of 3-4 for Ramadaan for just R300.

27th of March will mark our one year of lockdown in SA.
Yes the sun still rises and sets everyday and life is going on.
But so much has changed.
We have lost lives, loved ones, colleagues, friends.
We have lost homes.
We have lost jobs.
But amidst all our hardships, pain, sorrow and the downs of this pandemic there has certainly been some ups.
We have had time to introspect, learn and live.
We have grown closer to our creator, to our families and as much as we have social distanced, we have become more attached to our social responsibilies and our service to humanity.

Alhumdulillah we have come to realise our worth and our purpose in this duniya and we have become more conscious of our aakhirah.

Whilst many of us sit in our comfort zones and in the laps of luxury, pondering over the many losses, awakenings and realisations…..
Poverty, starvation, hardship, pandemic fearfactors and food insecurities still continue.

Alhumdulillah for us at the CSN the pandemic had its ups and downs too.
Downs has been the realisation of the dire needs and suffering of our very own brothers and sisters, our very own families, our neighbours and our fellow South Africans.
The fear that many go through with not knowing how to provide even just 1 meal a day for their kids or whether they will have a roof over their heads at the end of the month is shocking.

But Alhumdulillah everything has a purpose.
And its the downs that has made realise and has made us even more driven to realise our purpose in this duniya and the need to serve humanity.
Humanity as a whole, irrespective of race, colour or religion.

The biggest up for us is that we have come to realise that whatever the campaign…big or small…we surely can make a difference to someone in need

Alhumdulillah over this past year the Caring Sisters Network has risen to the occasions of need beyond our expectations.

A tally has just been done.
Over the past year we have distributed just about 50 000 food hampers averaging R300 a hamper.
Our hampers have reached “all in need”.
There has been no race, religion or colour restrictions.
Our food hamper campaign started just before lockdown and had never stopped.
We have been delivering hampers on a daily basis to all need.
Be it the starving or just the covid positive who cannot get out to get their basic necessitities.
We have been delivering to the needy persons door. We have a dedicated CSN Volunteer group who are always ready to assist.

With Ramadaan just about 2 weeks away we now need to shift focus to our “needy muslim families” many of whom are unemployed and also many who are working but still fall below the breadline.
There are 1000s in need.

Prior to lockdown in 2019 our zakaah recipient list for ramadaan food hampers was just about 3000.
During lockdown our ramadaan zakaah list went up to 4000 and for Eid ul Adha we capped it at 4500.

But due to the year long pandemic and its economic effects our list has almost doubled the 2019 list.
We are currently sitting with a request list of 6400 (Zakaah) and 1000 (Lillah).

7400🤔 Our committees thoughts….we a bit late with our request for funds for hampers.
Because if you work the math…
R300 per hamper x 7400

= 2.2M

Will we manage to provide food on the tables of these all these fasting muslim families for suhoor and iftaar??
Maybe not….
But Allah Swt never fails to shower his blessings upon us.
If we look back at the phemonemal response from you, our donors over the past year, we hoping Insha Allah that you will continue to support this and our various other Ramadaan campaigns.
The number of families we will be able to assist will depend on funding received from you.

Our zakaah list again has no race or colour barriers.
Its inclusive of indian, black, whites,coloured, many reverts, both locals as well as some Malawian, Somalian, Zimbabwian etc….

Remember these are fasting families.
We hoping to start distribution the week before Ramadaan begins Insha Allah.

In Ramadaan towards the last week we hope to distribute Eid hampers.
Again all funds dependant.
All extra funds (if any) from this campaign will go towards the Eid Food Hampers.

We the CSN Committee humbly request you to consider donating your zakaah and lillah towards this campaign and the other Ramadaan campaigns to follow.
“Lets together feed the fasting”

We need to begin with our orders for the hampers.
Packing 7000 plus hampers is a huge task.
Both time and sufficient supply of items is essential.
Items need to be ordered.
Logistics of distribution is another mammoth task.
And if any donor wishes to donate an essential grocery item as part of your Zakaah or Lillah/Sadaqah, then kindly feel free to contact me or our office.
We happy to include it in our hamper.
However this will have to be co-ordinated within this week Insha Allah.
Kindly bear in mind the quantity (7400) and the time-lines.
Items need to reach us timoeusly to be packed into the hamper.

Alhumdulillah our accomodating service providers are giving us some leeway with payments.

So wrt to donations, if you wish to contribute only in Ramadaan, then you most welcome to pledge now and do your payment in the 1st few days in Ramadaan.
The ideal is of course for donations to start coming in immediatelely so we know how many hampers to begin with.
But plegdes will help us with numbers as well.

Generally when our campaign and funding requests goes out onto the social media platforms, we tend to get more requests for hampers from needy ppl as well as organisations who cannot cover their recipients with their funding.
Kindly note:
We are currently upto capacity with our lists and cannot at this stage accomodate anymore.
Anymore requests from both individuals or organisations will go onto a waiting list and will be attended to if and when we cover our current lists.

Kindly note wrt the Zakaah recipients.
Due to logistics and our limitations,when it comes to food hampers we collaborate and partner with other NPOS, organisations, forums, aalims etc who have Zakaah recipients under their care. They verify their recipients bases.
For eg.
We are in collaboration with the “ABC” forum. The forum is a body that oversees “XYZ area” and they have all the masaajids, jamaat khannas, madressas, Islamic instituitions, zakaah recipients on their database and under their care.
They do the necessary, verify and provide us with their lists.
We accept their lists of verified recipients on principal of trust and the hampers are then handed over to these forums, orgs and individuals for distribution to that list of recipients.
These lists of recipients are kept on database in strict confidence but these lists actually allow us to pick up duplications and we most certainly have picked up a few in the past.

If you have any queries regarding this procedure or campaign you welcome to contact me (Yasiera) on 0827286721.
Ps…I am NOT accepting any more requests for hampers currently

All the respective banking details for the hamper campaign are on the poster.
Should you require a sect 18A for your donations then kindly do your efts into the sect 18A acc which is on the poster as well.

For all further queries regarding this and all other projects kindly whatsapp our CSN whatspp line on 066 544 6777. That line is attended by our CSN Office Administrator Sister Eemaan Portela.

More Ramadaan campaigns to follow soon IA:
🔹Hot meals Ramadaan feeding programme
🔹CSN’s signature campaign…”The CSN Eid Smile Gift Campaign”- Putting smiles on the dials of our underprivileged muslim children for Eid
🔹An Eid Gift with a Difference-Gift your loved, near and dear ones with Sawaab-e-Jaariya
🔹Eid Food Hamper Campaign.

So keep an 👁️out for these campaigns.

We humbly request your continued support and duas for the success of our projects.
We kindly request you to bc this campaign message and the poster to your family and friends.

For daily updates follow CSN on instagram, fb, twitter, or visit our website www.caringsisters.net


Yasiera Mahomed-Suliman
Chairperson CSN

🌸 CSN…Making a Difference 🌸

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