Back2School Drive

Back2School Drive

Covid19 challenges continue…
Families are financially challenged with daily living expenses.
Many are now faced with the added stress of school fees, stationery, uniforms etc.

We have received numerous pleas for assistance.
Donate towards uniforms,school bags, basic stationery.
All requests are being assessed. Most students need uniforms, bags, lunch tins and stationery.

Thus far we have a request for 220 scholars and counting…

The campaign is dependent on donor funds.

We will be providing vouchers to the value of R 600 per child allocated for uniforms. Therefore, R 700 covers the cost a School bag, Lunch tin, Juice bottle and a uniform voucher.

Any and all contributions make a difference.

All Recipients are eligible to receive Zakat, thus, we will be accepting Lillah, Sadaqah or Zakat.

Cut off date – 15th February 2021

All banking details on the poster

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