World Hijab Day is an initiative that invites sisters in humanity of ALL faiths & backgrounds to wear the #hijab for a day on February 1st, in solidarity with Muslim women around the world.

Every day women in hijab get discriminated globally,  simply for following their faith.

The overall mission of World Hijab Day is to create a more peaceful world where citizens respect each other.

The concept focuses on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women and allows you to have a first-hand experience with a hijab (scarf) or hijabi (a woman wearing the hijab).

Sisters are encouraged to try on a hijab, ask questions and listen to women talk about their experiences with the hijab.

World Hijab Day was created to encourage women of all religious and cultural sensitivities to wear the hijab in support of Muslim women, especially at this present time of increasing Islamophobia and the shift toward right wing fundamentalism in many parts of the world.

This intention is to help fight Islamophobia worldwide.

This year the theme is Unity in Diversity.

#EmpoweredinHijab #WorldHijabDay2020


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