The Caring Sisters Network  visited Sydenham Primary School  in Overport to handover school benches donated as per a campaign that ran throughout the month of September.

The Campaign was initiated by the request of a teacher from the school, who reached out and made us aware of the conditions in which the school and playground were in.

She especially emphasised on the need for school benches as learners had no place to be seated and enjoy their lunch.  “I cannot bare to see these children sit on the cold concrete and eat their small lunches especially in winter” said  the teacher at Sydenham Primary School.

The Caring Sisters Network took to the request and initiated the donate a bench campaign.

A total of 30 benches were provided to the school.

The handover took place during the first lunch break and it was heart-warming to see the learners run out in excitement towards their new school asset.

Every bench was soon occupied with jovial learners sharing their lunch and a little chit chat. This was truly a worthwhile initiative and these moments inspire us towards doing more.

For learning to take place, a conducive learning environment needs to be provided for our youth  as we firmly believe that our children need to be happy and comfortable at school, it is as important and aids their ability to learn.

These benches were specifically chosen to suit its purpose, thus being weather resistant, hard-wearing, durable and most importantly child safe.

The campaign further inspired us to look into other schools, a further two schools have been identified and we look forward to providing them with the same resources.