Who are we and What do we do?

A non-profit, philanthropic and educational women’s organisation that rises to the occasion in times of need within the community inside and outside our borders.

Our focus is on relief, social welfare,women and youth empowerment, education with special attention to the upliftment of township madressas and schools. Feeding schemes are a priority within these schools and madressas, as hungry minds are never conducive to healthy learning.


Urgent Appeal for Funds

To date 13344 hampers have been distributed to those in need including door to door deliveries.

We urge you to continue to donate and we will continue to distribute!

Together we can make a difference.

The Caring Sisters Network is an accredited ‘2020 fight against covid19 COGTA accredited NGO

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Latest Activities

An update on our involvement in a range of educational and empowerment initiatives
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CSN PARTNERS WITH GEMS The last 4 years we have had a successful and beneficial campaign with regard to our Qurbaani campaigns. We are happy

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